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Chandelier Cleaning

Alongside chandelier cleaning services, we can also provide a chandelier electrical testing service to make sure your lighting is in perfect condition. Our expert team of professionals will hand clean all elements and fittings of your chandelier.

Chandelier Restoration

Our primary “restoration” service revolves around bringing back the shine to brass, silver, nickel, and stainless steel components and frames of chandeliers. However, we also classify certain tasks as restorative, as they demand a more advanced level of effort, time, and expertise than standard surface-dirt cleaning.

Chandelier Removal

Larger chandeliers often need to be dismantled at your location as they will generally not fit through doorways safely in one piece. We will handle the entire process, each and every component is removed from the fitting, individually labelled and packed.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

We wash each crystal, string, arm, and ornament separately using ultrasonic equipment – the same concept used in medical, dental, and jewellery cleaning, but specially adapted for crystal or glass. Subsequently, each piece will be rinsed and polished.

Chandelier Installation

We have finished various chandelier installation projects globally, encompassing exclusive hotels, palaces, luxurious private homes, cathedrals, and airports. Our team is made up of the world’s most seasoned chandelier installers, who have been perfecting their craft with over thirty years of experience.

Chandelier Storage

We remove, crate, transport and store all types of chandeliers, lighting fixtures regardless of size, weight. We have secure, temperature controlled storage facilities within London to ensure your chandelier is in our custody.

Our Services

Our service includes on-site visits to evaluate weight loading and electrical sources, acquire measurements for a plate or beam, and determine the static point. This involves mounting the chandelier or fitting onto the designated static point after mounting a steel plate or beam, bolts, and an eye bolt.

Our team of skilled technicians have many years of experience working with some of the most prestigious clients both in the United Kingdom and internationally. Using our wealth of experience, we are able to provide an extensive range of professional chandelier services across London and the Home Counties.

Our team has worked in some of the world’s foremost hotels, Royal Palaces and some of the finest private residences across the globe.

In addition to our London chandelier installation services, we provide a wide array of other related services for your chandelier. These services encompass on-site chandelier cleaning, metal polishing, application of clear coat, painting, welding, soldering, refinishing of various metals, glass cutting, replacement of all electrical components, and rewiring of chandeliers.

Chandelier Services

What we do

Specialised Chandelier Cleaning

Our technicians are trained to the highest standards, using various different techniques that are tailored to meet the demands of each individual project. We are also experts in on-site Ultrasonic Cleaning, which has become the benchmark for all chandelier cleaning.

While on-site, our team will dismantle all glass components from your chandelier, which will then be put through an extensive cleaning process, polished, and returned to their original position, restoring your chandelier to its former glory.

During each clean, we will prepare a report on the condition of all components, detailing the condition of the wiring and the chandelier’s components, including any recommendations for further maintenance/restoration.

Chandelier Renovation Services

Our team of highly trained technicians are equipped with all the resources necessary to transform any dated chandelier back to its former glory.

We will take care of every step of the process, from removal, transportation and restoration. Finally, the re-installation of any treasured piece.

Take a look at some of our previous projects, or contact us today with any questions or queries.

Chandelier Installation

Based in the heart of London, we specialise in the installation of beautiful and ornate chandeliers. Our expertise is not confined to installation alone; we offer a comprehensive package that includes planning, procurement, assembly, and fitting of chandeliers of any type.

With a wealth of experience, we at International Chandeliers have mastered every aspect of brand-new installations. Our seasoned team of professionals has honed their skills in various styles and designs, ensuring that each installation aligns perfectly with the ambiance of the space.

Liabilty Insurance

Should the unthinkable happen, such as the accidental breaking of a chandelier or other high-value items within your property, rest assured, you have no reason to worry. Our coverage extends up to two million dollars, providing ample protection.

Entrusting these delicate tasks to just any window cleaner or maid who claims to have insurance can be risky. While they may be insured for cleaning everyday surfaces at ground level, this doesn’t necessarily mean that their coverage includes potential damages to your precious chandelier. Being positioned high and having both delicate and expensive features make chandeliers a unique item to clean. Many insurance companies offer coverage for basic cleaning services, but exclude specialized tasks like chandelier cleaning.

While we proudly state that we’ve never faced a claim, you can have peace of mind knowing that if such a situation were to occur, our insurance is designed to cover it.


Liabilty Insurance - International Chandeliers
Workers Cover - International Chandeliers

Workers Cover

Should an unfortunate incident occur, such as one of our employees falling off a ladder or sustaining an injury in any way while on your property, you can rest assured that you will not be held responsible. We provide worker’s compensation insurance for our employees, who are not subcontractors but valuable members of our team. Their safety and well-being are our priorities.

In our commitment to safety, we ensure that our ladders are consistently in good working condition, well-maintained, and replaced when necessary. We adhere to OSHA regulations when working at height, reflecting our dedication to safety standards and protocols.

It’s worth noting that we have never had a claim. Our team’s focus on safety demonstrates not only their professional approach but also their genuine regard for their own lives and health.

Health and safety accreditation schemes

What type of Chandelier do you have?

Antler Chandelier

This distinctive chandelier can be crafted from genuine, authentic antlers or designed as a reproduction. Regardless of the method, care is taken in the creation process to ensure that no animals are harmed if real antlers are used. Whether made from real antlers or a reproduction, each chandelier is unique, reflecting the individual characteristics of the antlers, making it a fascinating addition to any space. While perfect for cabins or more rustic settings, these chandeliers can also complement more modern homes, depending on the color scheme and decor of the room in which it is placed.

Linear Chandelier

This type of chandelier, characterised by a rectangular or oblong shape, is akin to a series of pendant lights aligned in a row. It’s an excellent choice for installation above a long table or a bar, as it can introduce symmetry and balance to a room. With its design, a linear chandelier can also infuse a space with a touch of old-fashioned charm or classic elegance.

Candle Chandelier

Experience the timeless appeal of candle-and-flame-shaped bulbs with our candle chandeliers, perfect for adding a Gothic or medieval touch to your dining or living area. Deriving its name from the French word for “candle holder,” a chandelier in this classic design truly captures the essence of historical elegance. Historically crafted to hold candles, these chandeliers have now been updated to embrace modern aesthetics while retaining their traditional charm. Discover the perfect blend of the past and present with our unique candle chandeliers, designed to illuminate and enhance any contemporary setting.

Teardrop Chandelier

Broad at the top and tapering towards the bottom, these chandeliers are composed of multiple tiers of crystals, creating a distinct and elegant appearance. While they are commonly found in luxurious and formal settings, you’ll also see them adorning more modest spaces. Don’t constrain yourself by thinking your room isn’t sophisticated enough for such a chandelier; if it fits your style and feels right, it can absolutely work in your space.

Bowl Chandeliers

These chandeliers genuinely live up to their name, featuring shades that are aptly shaped like bowls. Whether designed with a single bowl or multiple ones, their arrangement is versatile, allowing for a range of configurations. Some designs even permit the inversion of the bowl. The style of these chandeliers can be sleek and modern to match a contemporary appearance, or it can be quaint and vintage, complementing rooms with similar aesthetics. Their adaptability adds to their appeal, providing great versatility to suit various tastes.

Tiffany Chandelier

Experience the timeless grace of the Art Nouveau movement with a Tiffany chandelier. Created by the world-renowned designer Louis Comfort Tiffany, this unique style of glass hails from New York and was first crafted in the early twentieth century. With its traditional elegance, a Tiffany chandelier offers a classic look that seamlessly fits into various room settings, ensuring lasting beauty for years to come.

Types of Chandeliers
Chandelier Cleaning Frequently asked questions.
How often should chandeliers be cleaned?

This varies, based on several different factors. Think about how often the doors and windows are open near the chandelier, which room the light fixture occupies, and how dirty the air is around the building. If the chandelier is near the kitchen, consider how often someone cooks. All of these things will come into play when determining how dirty your chandelier actually gets. That being said, the average residential chandelier will need to be cleaned every six months to a year, while restaurants, retail shops, and salons will need to clean their chandeliers every three to six months.

Can you use glass cleaner on chandeliers?

Chandeliers are all different, but they all must be handled with care. Some cannot be cleaned with more than a few drops of moisture, while others can stand up to a thorough dampening. They require the use of mild cleaners, so glass cleaners made specifically for chandeliers should be used. It is important not to spray cleaner on a chandelier, though, because you can damage some of the components.

Can you use vinegar to clean a chandelier?

A mild solution of vinegar and water can be used to clean the crystals on a chandelier.

How long does it take to clean a chandelier?

Cleaning a chandelier is a time-consuming process that involves removing each crystal and cleaning it separately before returning it to its proper place.

How do I keep my chandelier dust free?

To keep dust from accumulating on your chandelier in between deep cleanings, use a microfiber or feather duster to dust it frequently.

Frequently asked questions about International Chandeliers.
How much does it cost to have my chandelier cleaned?

Because chandeliers vary so widely in size, configuration, and style, there is no one answer to this question. Contact us for a free consultation so that we can give you an estimate for cleaning your specific chandelier.

What areas do you cover?

International Chandeliers is located in London and covers London and the surrounding areas and counties. However, we have also done work across the UK and internationally, so if you have a special situation, contact us and we will determine whether we can help.

Are your cleaners insured?

Yes. We carry comprehensive insurance, for your peace of mind.

Do you work on other light fixtures?

We are specialists in chandeliers, providing not only cleaning but also restoration, repair, storage, and installation, as well as selling chandeliers. Therefore, the focus on our work is on chandeliers. However, if you need help with another type of light fixture, call us for advice and assistance. We may be able to help you, or at least advise you on the best course of action for your particular light fixture.

Where can I buy chandeliers online?

Beautiful Chandelier lighting is available here online at International Chandeliers. We have a selection of traditional and modern chandeliers. If you have something in mind, get in touch and we will source it.

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