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Do you need somewhere to store your chandelier and want to make sure it is in good hands? We are here to help you with every step of the process of packing and storing your chandelier.

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Chandelier Storage

International Chandeliers provides trusted, proven chandelier storage services in the London area. Storing a chandelier is complicated, and should be entrusted to experienced professionals. With International Chandeliers, your chandelier will be kept safe and secure. Length of time and fees will vary depending on your chandelier storage needs. With our years of experience in the chandelier business, you can trust us with your prized chandelier.

Temperature Controlled Storage

Storing a chandelier is best left to the professionals, who can provide appropriate climate control. The glass in your chandelier may not need any specific temperature, but the electrical parts absolutely do. International Chandeliers will ensure that the climate where your chandelier is stored does not include any extreme heat or cold, both of which could cause damage to the electrical parts of your beloved chandelier. We handle your chandelier with the care it deserves.

Using Crates to Hang Chandeliers

Sometimes it can be best to hang your chandelier using a crate while in storage. Using a crate to hang your delicate chandelier for storage can be a great option when there is enough room, as with a professional chandelier storage service provider like International Chandeliers. When your chandelier is hung in a crate, the integrity of the original shape is kept. A hanging chandelier in a crate must always be labeled or marked as fragile so that it is not disturbed. Please refrain from moving your chandelier in a crate, as this can sometimes be a danger to the chandelier’s pieces, but for storage, a crate is an excellent option that we provide at International Chandeliers. It is crucial to include a diagram of the chandelier and its parts when storing. Remember, with International Chandeliers, your chandelier is in good hands!

At International Chandeliers, we prioritise the safe storage of your delicate chandeliers. While metal-framed chandeliers can be securely hung in crates, we take extra precautions when it comes to glass/crystal chandeliers. To minimize the chances of breakages, we disassemble each component and wrap them separately. Our expert team ensures the utmost care during the storage process. With International Chandeliers, your precious chandeliers are always in good hands. Trust us to provide the reliable and secure storage solutions you need.

Using Crates to Hang Chandeliers
The Importance of Cushioning and Wrapping Your Chandelier

The Importance of Cushioning and Wrapping Your Chandelier

Chandeliers are fragile, beautiful objects that often have sentimental value. We understand the importance of your chandelier and will always take the necessary steps to ensure its safety. One of the most crucial elements of chandelier storage is the cushioning and wrapping of all the parts of the chandelier. The bulbs will need to be wrapped in paper or bubble wrap, as well as the various parts and pieces of the chandelier, which are extremely delicate. When the chandelier is being packed into its storage box, it is crucial that the box is as tall as the chandelier is while it is hanging from the ceiling. This way, once it is in the box, packing peanuts can be used to fill in the empty space and provide your chandelier with the best possible protection. Packing foam should also be used to pack the chandelier into the box from the top and the bottom. Securely tape the box and label it as “fragile.”

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