Chandelier Ideas: Choosing the Right Chandelier for You

You can have the perfect design for a room with the perfect spacing, furniture, and accessories, but if the lighting isn’t correct, all of that perfection is out the window. A chandelier can provide the light needed to make a room and there are several different styles and types of chandeliers that can create the light that you need for your room.

Choosing the Right Chandelier

Types of Chandeliers

Many people think of large, elaborate, crystal chandeliers that spread a rainbow of light around the room when they hear the word chandelier, but that is only one type of chandelier. At its basic concept a chandelier is a light fixture suspended from a ceiling with branched supports for a number of lights. Our understanding of chandeliers broadens with this definition to a simple, suspended light fixture to the elaborate, crystal lights that are typically thought of when thinking of chandeliers. We want to introduce you to different types of chandeliers from the simplest to the more elaborate types of chandeliers.

Modern Chandeliers

The Modern chandelier design is a style that incorporates clean lines with minimal, ornate decoration. They are usually designed with natural colors like nickel or chrome and natural textures like metal, wood, or leather, but now also include modern black that includes steel and matte black. The strong, clean lines are combined with smooth curves that resemble geometric shapes with the lighting element either exposed or withdrawn. Some people have described Modern chandeliers as having a futuristic style to them.

Traditional Chandeliers

Traditional chandelier designs are complex structures that are designed to be elegant, a show stopper, and a conversation piece. They are designed with bronze, silver, or gold coloring with crisp crystal, glass, or fabric textures. The lighting element is disguised inside of the crystal and glass making it seem as if the crystal and/or glass are throwing the light into the room themselves. A contemporary color palette of green, blue, and warm rose are thrown into the room to provide a burst of color.

Transitional Chandeliers

Designers have begun to borrow from both Modern and Traditional chandelier designs to create new designs that are referred to as the Transitional chandelier design. This design includes elements from both older and newer chandelier designs combining the rustic elegance of older designs with the futuristic crispness of more contemporary chandelier designs. Transitional chandeliers are designed to be able to fit well with multiple styles of rooms.

Rustic Chandeliers

When you enter a home with a Rustic chandelier, your first thought is not usually to label the light fixture as a chandelier. This is because a Rustic, or Farmhouse, chandelier is a function-first lighting fixture without the ornate or show-stopping presence of other types of chandeliers. The Rustic chandelier is designed with a single-tier of lighting and is a charming light element in the room.

Where can chandeliers be installed?

The designs of chandeliers are changing from the elaborate, show-stopping lighting elements that we typically think of when we think of a chandelier. With the change in design comes an opportunity for the placement of a chandelier to broaden. Chandeliers will still be found in a foyer so it becomes more than just a pass through space and provides the first impression you want your guests to feel. Your living room is another area that is a staple for chandeliers. This room is where your family comes together and you entertain your guests. Adding a chandelier to this space will set the type of tone you want this space to be.

Many people are beginning to install chandeliers in their hallways because chandeliers disperse light well in all directions and they can provide character to an otherwise forgotten area of the home. As bathrooms become more spa-like and retreat from the outside world, chandeliers are becoming a fixture in bathrooms to create an atmosphere. Chandeliers are even coming into the bedroom. Your bedroom is your private space where you spend ⅓ of your life so more designers are incorporating chandeliers into the bedroom to represent personal style to the fullest. Chandeliers provide a great source of light that can be designed in a variety of ways to fit any space in your home.

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