The Importance of Professional Chandelier Cleaning

A chandelier can be a beautiful focal point in your home, whether it is a treasured family heirloom or a gorgeous modern showpiece. To remain the stunning feature that you want it to be, though, your chandelier will need proper cleaning. Many people wonder, “Can I clean a chandelier myself?” but in fact, DIY chandelier cleaning is not a good idea. Chandeliers are delicate and intricate, and while you could technically clean yours on your own, it would be the most challenging and detailed cleaning job you would ever do, and you’d run the risk of damaging it. Additionally, to properly clean it, you would either need to take the chandelier down or clean it where it is hanging, which is a dangerous task. It is better to leave this work to someone who knows how to do it, and reap the following benefits of professional chandelier cleaning.

Hiring a professional to clean your chandelier is a safer idea than cleaning it yourself

Do you have the special ladders or hydraulic lifts necessary to reach the chandelier hanging from a high ceiling over a spiral staircase? Most homeowners do not, but professional chandelier cleaning companies have everything they need to do the job correctly. Cleaning it yourself is risky, because you could easily fall or drop the chandelier. Hiring a professional to do it means you stay safely on the ground and people who are trained and experienced will clean your chandelier.

Cleaning a chandelier is time consuming, but professionals have the skill to get it done quickly

The crystals in a chandelier require delicate handling and need to be properly cleaned. In most cases, to do a thorough job, you will need to detach the crystals and clean them one by one. If you are doing this job yourself, you will need to have the right cleaning solution, with mild detergent and no harsh cleaners, and wipe the crystals with a dampened cloth before drying them with another, to remove any streaks or spots. You will probably need to photograph the chandelier from several angles so that you can put each crystal in its proper place when you reassemble it. You may find that hiring a professional chandelier cleaning service is well worth it, because instead of you spending an inordinate amount of time cleaning your chandelier, the professionals will carefully and competently get the job done. While extensively cleaning and polishing all the parts of your chandelier, they will also inspect them to make sure nothing is damaged and the wiring is in good shape. When the crystals are clean, they will be restored to their original position and the technicians will offer recommendations for any further maintenance or restoration that may be required.

Professional chandelier technicians have the equipment to properly clean your chandelier

It would cost you some money to acquire everything you need to clean your chandelier, so why not hire someone who already has the right equipment and systems in place? Some chandelier companies even have the equipment for ultrasonic cleaning, a process that uses high frequency soundwaves and cavitation activity to precisely clean every component of your chandelier. This process has been proven effective for all sorts of cleaning challenges, including mould and mildew, grease and oil, and residue from flood and fire damage.

A professional will do a more thorough job than you could do on your own

Because they have the tools, training, and know-how, professional chandelier companies can clean your chandelier far more thoroughly than you can. When they are finished, you will have a beautiful, sparkling chandelier, and no mess to clear or tools to put away.

Professional cleaners have the proper insurance

Chandeliers are expensive items, and cleaning them can be difficult. Professional chandelier companies have insurance to protect their workers in case of an accident, and to cover your chandelier in case of damage. If you try to clean it yourself, you will not be covered if something happens, and most maid or janitorial services do not carry the right insurance for this kind of job.

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