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Lighting Anchorage Testing

Our team will meticulously examine the anchorage area, identifying any required fortifications to ensure stability. Recommendations may include the addition of steel plates or beams, guaranteeing a secure suspension system that can bear the weight of the structure safely.

What is Chandelier Load Testing?<br />

What is Chandelier Load Testing?

If you are thinking of installing a chandelier, there are a few steps to take prior to installation. A chandelier can be a grand addition to your entryway or other space. It can also be quite heavy. Prior to installation, you may ask yourself, “Is my ceiling strong enough for a chandelier?” To make sure that your ceiling is strong enough to handle the load of the chandelier, a load test must be conducted by an expert, such as International Chandeliers.

The load test can also determine that the wiring and electrical components are safe for installation. The load test is important for the safety of your home and the structure of your ceiling. Having an expert conduct a load test can provide you peace of mind that your chandelier will be safe to install for you to enjoy for years to come.

Lighting Anchorage Testing

Every 12 months, compliance testing should be carried out on Light and Chandelier Fixings. This also applies to situations where the anchored item undergoes any change or the anchorage system is moved.

Chandeliers, merchandising, lighting, and festive light installations commonly utilize anchorage systems and support brackets. These are often found in areas where the public has access. Additionally, larger chandeliers might be equipped with mechanical or manual winches and chains to facilitate easier access.

Why you should test your light and chandelier fixings

Special Light Fixings and Chandeliers are often found in locations like restaurants and hotel foyers, where there may be a substantial number of people gathered below. Regular Health and Safety inspections are essential to adhere to British Regulatory Standards.

Our Compliance Testing Team delivers a professional service, staffed by personnel with many years of accumulated experience. These experts are fully qualified to inspect your Light and Chandelier Anchorage Fixings and can determine their compliance with regulations. Once our team has confirmed that your Lighting and Chandeliers meet the necessary standards, they will certify and tag them accordingly.

Testing regulations and standards

Testing of Anchorage systems for compliance is advised to be carried out annually, whenever there is a change in the item being anchored, or when the anchorage system is relocated.

BS EN 8539
BS EN 7883

Advantages of Load Testing Chandeliers

Our team clean the chandeliers on-site, restoring them to their original state and simultaneously ensuring adherence to legal standards. Photographs are captured before and after the work is performed to document the process. The team members of the Compliance Testing are all seasoned specialists in Work at Height practices. After completion, a compliance certificate will be provided for your personal records.

What is the Process For a Load Test?

If you are looking to schedule a load test for your chandelier, it is important to know what the process entails so you can be prepared. Here are the basic steps to a load test:

  • The location for mounting is inspected to make sure it is strong enough to bear the weight of the chandelier and its components.

  • If the location is not strong enough, your inspector may suggest ways to reinforce the place where you want to hang your chandelier. Reinforcements may include the addition of steel plates or beams to the ceiling.

  • Inspection of electrical wiring systems in the home must also be done to ensure the wiring is safe for installing a chandelier.

  • Your inspector will likely also inspect your chandelier—especially if it is a particularly large chandelier—and its components, to estimate the strength needed for hanging. Components include hanging straps, any decorative effects like mirrors, and crystals or glass.

  • Once your location is deemed safe for your chandelier, your inspector will present you with a certificate to document the safety of the site that has been inspected.

It is recommended that you conduct a load test on an annual basis to ensure the structure of your ceiling and fixtures are secure.

What is the Process For a Load Test?
Contacting a Chandelier Expert to Undertake Load Testing

Contacting a Chandelier Expert to Undertake Load Testing

When you contact an expert in chandelier installation like the professionals here at International Chandeliers, you can trust us to expertly assess the safety of your home for hanging a chandelier.

Our experts can conduct a load test and help schedule installation and regular maintenance checks for your chandelier. Chandeliers should have a load test at least once a year to ensure security. In addition, chandelier maintenance such as cleaning and restoration is recommended for keeping your light clean and bright. Regular maintenance can ensure that your chandelier is in good working condition.

If you have a chandelier in your home, chances are you want it to be a focal point of your space. Contacting an expert for installation and maintenance is a good idea to have you enjoying your chandelier for many years to come.

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